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Irena Banas chef

Irèna Banas

I’m Irèna Banas, a vegan and rawfood chef, in love with the world, based in Paris but working all over France, Italy, Greece and where my heart leads me.
I love to travel and to discover new places, new cultures, new spices, and of course, new food !

What I offer

My goal is to make healthy food easy and enjoyable. I have a degree from Matthew Kenney Culinary School. I only work with vegan and raw ingredients, all organic. It would be my pleasure to work with you in France, Italy, Greece or anywhere else in the world ; so please let me know if you have any questions.

My services includes :

- Catering for weddings, corporate events or family gatherings.

- Creating recipes for food brands, restaurants or books.

- Coaching people who are lost in all the "healthy advices" out there. I will work with you to find the recipes adapted to YOU.

- Workshops for adults and/or children to learn how to cook and discover the amazing world of raw food.

Why raw food ?

In 2016, I discovered Greece, this amazing and warm country, when I decided to do a rawfood internship with Irène Grosjean. She is a french naturopath lady and has been passionate about health and rawfood for 60 years.

During my five days with her, I had no migraine, which was a record for me ! I’m familiar with this terrible disease I have suffered since the age of 5. No migraine for five days was a miracle, and the rawfood diet could possibly be the key I was looking for so long. In the same vein, I was less tired, my knees and my back were less painful, and I slept better.

After this fabulous discovery, I met people who got healthy again thanks to the rawfood diet (severe insomnia, obesity problems, diabetes and a lot of other illnesses).

Since I’ve always liked to cook for people and to create new recipes, healing people while they are eating delicious and tasty meals was THE thing to do. To seduce their palate with colorful dishes, savoury temptations, filled with love and passion.

Discover rafood
Rawfood hamburgers

Raw food around the world

I know Slovakia very well, because I spent all my holidays there when I was a child. This double nationality propably opened me to the world in a great way ; having new eyes all the time, knowing that we never know what’s on the other side of the door.

I falled in love with Italy when I was a teenager and ever since then I never stopped exploring this beautiful country. Mi piace l’Italia, la amo ! La cucina, la natura, la lingua italiana. Sono già andata molte volte in Italia, e ho molto ricordi bellissimi. Ho gia visitato la Basilicata, la Campania, l’Emilia-Romagna, il Lazio, la Puglia, la Toscana e il Veneto. Non vedo l’ora di tornare di nuovo nel questo paese, perchè vorrei scoprire tutta l’Italia !

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